Off The Chart: 13 October 1989We’re going back to this day in 1989 on this week’s Off The Chart where it’s Friday the 13th, an ominous date, especially for Steve who’s just moved house and had to cobble this week’s show together in a hurry. Nevertheless, we’ll still have the regular quota of forgotten and obscure hits, three of the week’s new albums, a look at the day’s events, a quick sneaky peak at the Italian chart, and be back home in time for the top five in full.

  • Who promoted their new live album by releasing a remix of an old studio track as a single?
  • Which act swapped places to improve on the success of their first hit?
  • And which pop legend was spurned by James Joyce?

Tune in and find out!

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There’s a podcast too!

For those of you who enjoy the nonsense we talk but don’t have time to listen to the music, we’ve put the talky bits together with some exclusive extras to make a podcast! It’s a bumper extended edition this week – well, not really, it’s just that Steve didn’t have time to edit it properly. But we still manage to look at the UK charts of 13 October 1989 and learn how to dance the Lambada without moving, dodge an inflatable Bruce Foxton and find out why Chris Rea has set off home for Christmas already.

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