It’s hard to believe, especially for us, but we’ve been doing Off The Chart for nearly five years! The first edition went out on Saturday 2 April 2016 on Mixcloud, long before Mad Wasp Radio took us under their wing, and now we’re looking at the 30 March 2021 show which marks the start of our 27th dexy.

Weirdly though, because we changed transmission day from Saturday to Tuesday a couple of years ago, our 5th birthday show lands on the exact same chart we did for our first ever show. Still, it gives us a chance to revisit the chart with five years of broadcasting experience, because let’s face it, those early shows were bloody terrible.

Anyway, we’d love it if you would join us in celebration of us wasting five years of our life doing this nonsense every week, and here’s something you can do to help us out in that respect.

Add your voice to the sound of the crowd

We’ve teamed up with the rather unsettingly named SpeakPipe to allow you, our beloved listeners, to be part of our fifth birthday show. If you’d like to leave us a voice message telling us how great we are and how much you’ve enjoyed listening to us over the past five years, use the widgety thing under here and you might just hear your own voice on the birthday show! Keep it clean.