Further Off The Chart

As well as an extended version of Off The Chart every week, once a dexy our Patreon and Mixcloud Select backers receive an exclusive extra show in which Steve and Julian play some of the songs that came up in conversation on previous shows. Further Off The Chart is crammed to the gills with oddities, interesting cover versions or just stuff that we giggled about on the show but couldn’t play at the time, and it’s just one of the bonus items that can be yours for just a small amount of money every month!

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Further Off The Chart 27: "Debbie Gibson's house smelled of wee"

Here we are then, just sneaking in before the end of the month and before the halfway point of the dexy, even though this dexy has eleven weeks in it for reasons that will become clear if you listen to the show. Another round-up of tracks we talked about on Off The Chart, including a song with a title that’s just one letter away from the title of another song by the same band; a quintessentially English song re-recorded in German; and a whole suite of advert-related songs from the pen of the drummer from The Troggs. This is what you pay us for. Enjoy!

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