On 28 January 2020, against our better judgement, we reached our 200th show! Yes, we’ve been round the ’80s twenty times now since the show started in April 2016, so we felt we had to mark the occasion in some way. And what better way than by giving you the chance to win some exclusive Off The Chart tat merchandise?

He Ain't No Competition (but this is)

To be in with a chance of winning a bundle of Off The Chart things, simply answer the following needlessly convoluted question… How many tracks have we played in our first 200 editions of Off The Chart? To clarify, we’re talking about the regular weekly 2 hour editions of the show as heard on Mad Wasp Radio, not including specials like Off The Rooftops or the bonus content we make for our Patreon backers, such as Further Off The Chart or the weekly expanded editions of the show. Also, thanks to the way the chart works, we’ve played a lot of songs more than once. Relax, for example, which spent so much time in the top five in 1984 that we seem to hit it twice a year. We’ve played it at least seven times on the show, in various forms and remixes, but that only counts as one track. Got the idea? Good. To enter, fill in the form below or email your answer to producercat@offthechart.show before midnight on Tuesday 11 Saturday 15 February 2020. We won’t use your details for anything except to get in touch with you if you win, but please see our Privacy Policy if it helps you sleep better at night.

Time left to enter...

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