We don’t spend all our time doing Off The Chart, of course not. Some of our time is spent doing other shows about ’80s music, which you can listen to on Mixcloud.

Now Parlez

Now Parlez 14Steve and Julian's spirited (but regularly interrupted by global events) attempt to review all the Now That's What I Call Music albums - or, as a starting point, the ones that came out in the 1980s. Each show features your genial hosts discussing an album in the series and playing tracks from an original vinyl copy of varying quality.


Further Off The Chart

Further Off The Chart 26If you do the decent thing and back us on Patreon or Mixcloud Select, your small monthly donation gives you not only an extended Off The Chart every week, but a special bonus show after every dexy.

Further Off The Chart rounds up tracks that are related to records that were played on one of the main shows, or that came up in general conversation, or are just plain weird and didn't fit in anywhere else.