As well as a weekly radio show, Off The Chart also exists in easy to swallow podcast form, for those of you who don’t have time for the full show or just don’t like music very much.

Every week on the podcast Steve and Julian talk about some of the new entries in the chart featured in the corresponding week’s radio show, as well as the top twenty rundown and a look at the album chart. You also get the Occurrences, TV & Radio, Gigs and International Chart straight from the radio version. It’s an ’80s chart show with no music!

The podcast arrives every Tuesday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn and Sounder.

4 August 1989

Steve’s been away on a two day microholiday so this week’s podcast is even more technically inept than usual, but somewhere in there you’ll still find a look at the day’s UK charts and wider goings-on, plus the time Bod and his friends formed a band, the one thing Kylie Minogue would change, and the adventures of criminal mastermind husband and wife team Rufus & Chaka Khan. It’ll all make sense if you listen.

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