Ah, summer. Long days full of blazing sunshine, a gentle breeze wafting across the sandy beach, perhaps a stroll along the promenade for an ice cream. 

*checks notes*

Ah. That’s except for viewers in Scotland, who will have to put up with the usual torrential rain, gale force winds blowing wet sand into their face, and being divebombed by seagulls intent on stealing your soggy chips.

Regardless, we’ve decided it would be a smashing idea to do a Summer Special in the mould of the old Radio 1 Roadshow (and it probably will turn out to be very mouldy indeed). Unlike previous summer specials which were just regular studio shows with copious sound effects overlaid on them, this year we’re actually going out for real to record on the beach in North Berwick. Or possibly some other, more sheltered location somewhere else in the town. We’re planning to record on Saturday 24 July from 1pm, and if you happen to be in the area and you fancy coming along to laugh and point at us, you’ll be very welcome. Follow us on Twitter so we can keep you up to date with our plans!