Evening gentlemen and ladies, “Gently Intimidating” Frankie Knuckles ‘ere. Wouldn’t you love to be able to show off your devotion to Off The Chart by wearing a T-shirt? Or a hoodie? Or sticking stickers everywhere? Or hanging a clock on your prison cell office wall? I can make that happen for you, no questions asked. This selection of swag high quality items is available exclusively from Redbubble and is guaranteed 100% flammable.

Off The Chart badge

Off The Chart cassette logo

If you remember listening to the Top 40 on a Sunday evening, finger poised over the pause button like a coiled spring, ready to tape the songs you wanted with as little interference from the DJ as possible, you'll love our new cassette logo. (If you still listen to Off The Chart trying to tape the songs while cutting out the DJs' chatter, sorry about that, it's not easy to pack all this into two hours.)

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"Exclusively designed for Off The Chart by renowned artist Bandy Warhorse, a good friend and former cellmate of mine. He won't let you down, even if his soup does taste a bit off." - Frankie

"Frankie Says Stay Lucky" t-shirt

Frankie says Stay Lucky

A message from “Mad” Frankie Knuckles, gangster, fireraiser and regular contributor to Off The Chart. Any resemblance to any other band's T-shirts that may have been briefly popular in the mid 1980s is entirely deliberate, in an totally affectionate way of course.

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"I did ask you to stop calling me 'Mad' Frankie, didn't I? I prefer 'Gently Intimidating'. Watch yourself, sunshine." - Frankie

"(Don't forget the brackets)" mug

(Don't forget the brackets)

We're sticklers for punctuation at Off The Chart, as you know. That same attention to detail compels us to acknowledge the fact that this design is based on an album from the 1970s, but the band in question was technically still going in the very early 1980s so what are you going to do?

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"Quite right, I'm also a fan of the bracket, particularly when used to complete the phrase 'You'll get a bleedin' punch up the'. You won't forget that in a hurry." - Frankie

"Call Carol" iPhone case

Call Carol

Looking for a good time with a feisty redhead? Here's a handy reminder of how to call Carol on her 49p/minute hotline. Or it would be, if the number hadn't been removed. Still, it's probably for the best. You hang up first.

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"As the show's legal expert I feel I should point out that our Carol Decca is nothing to do with any other redhead with a similar name, even if she did sing a filthy song about a similar subject. It'll never stand up in court." - Frankie